ABBM stands for Adelaide Beauty Blogger Meetups and is an initiative by the Adelaide Beauty Conference in order to bring together the beauty bloggers of Adelaide.

#ABBM runs monthly meetups and offers support and friendship to fellow bloggers. Meetups are structured to be casual and laid back, with the main focus on the trading of knowledge and skills as well as just general chit chat with topics ranging from beauty products to food to everything else under the sun.

You must have a blog featuring beauty topics to join ABBM.

ABBM: Adelaide Beauty Blogger Meetups

1. We meet monthly. Generally our meets are scheduled on the third Saturday of every month, unless a brand meet is scheduled which can be any time during that month.

Some months may have more than one event scheduled. Every second month is usually a social meet. This schedule is subject to change based on brand meetup needs.

Events usually require an RSVP for booking purposes – you’ll be sent an invite when it is scheduled. If you don’t receive one let us know so we can add you to the list.


2. Brand meets are when someone arranges for ABBM members to meet with a certain brand to talk about everything related to that brand. In the past, we have had events with Muk Haircare, Benefit Cosmetics, The Laser Lounge and so on.
3. Social meets are when we meet as friends, to talk about everything and anything. Food, beauty, everything. We can also talk about blogging, issues and questions about blogging etc. These can be hosted and organized by anybody and we are always on the look out for volunteers. (Volunteer now!) – as the host, all you need to do is decide on the activity, book the place (if it needs booking) and organize the folks when we get there. It’s easy peasy. Activities don’t have to be beauty related either. You can have a picnic, a high tea, a rock climbing session.. whatever takes your fancy.

4. There is never any obligation on you to blog/tweet/write about anything, and if you do blog about something, we only ask that you be honest. Remember that real money does go into the running of brand meets and you cannot take these for granted as it can disappear as easily as they come. If you do come and want to talk about it, social media and blogger coverage of meets (if you attend) gives us a great reputation and also attracts brands to meet with us in the future.


5. If you RSVP to a brand meet: Be punctual, be courteous, do not take what is not yours or offered to you, and should you RSVP that you are attending and not turn up, you will be delisted and no longer invited to such events. We understand that unexpected issues do pop up, so you can definitely let us know via email, twitter or facebook 24 hours before OR after  the event and that will be fine.

Being late is okay as long as you follow the same procedure and make an effort to let someone know. It’s just simple courtesy, really. Communication is key. 🙂

If you ever have any questions relating to beauty or blogging in general, please ask! We are a supportive group and welcome all Adelaide beauty bloggers new or experienced.


If you would like to become part of the Adelaide Beauty Bloggers, you can contact us to join:


Twitter: @adelbeautycon

Instagram: @adelbeautycon



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