Nov: Picnic in the Parks

Saturday, November 24, 2012 5 Permalink 0

You asked and we listened!

With Spring being so beautiful and the heat being turned on for us, it’s time for us to go have fun in the sun!

So let’s have a picnic! Everybody can bring a plate to share and we will lounge around and chit chat about all things beautiful while being gorgeous ourselves! Please comment and let us know if you are bringing savoury or sweet.

In addition to the picnic, we are also having a swap meet. So if you have anything (beauty related) you’d like to swap, bring it and add it to the pool! Anything (or nothing!) is fine, but we do ask that you refrain from bringing anything that could be a potential hygiene risk such as used eye pencils and mascaras. (eyeshadows are okay!)

So see you there, hopefully with a fascinator or two? It is spring after all!

For any questions, please contact Stacey

  • Sarah
    October 29, 2012

    Hi guys great choice? The Himeji Gardens are so nice! I will bring savoury – ricotta & spinach puffs! 🙂

  • Cally
    October 31, 2012

    I’ll bring something sweet! Probs a chocolate cake!

  • Neena
    November 11, 2012

    I’ll bring something sweet, Oreo cupcakes. Hopefully it’s not too hot!

  • Kira-Lea
    November 11, 2012

    Yay exciting. I’l bring something savory, not to sure what yet.

  • Evangeline @ makeup tips
    November 16, 2012

    Woohoo! So excited for my first ABBM! I’ll be bringing something sweet!

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